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Each Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch Release is made from some of the finest bourbon in Kentucky and bottled to bring out the most desirable bourbon flavor. Every new batch is an original with its own unique taste profile, carefully crafted by Master Blender John Rhea. These highly sought after, artfully blended, craft bourbons have become an instant sensation and every batch sells out almost solely by word of mouth.

Batch #12 is a unique blended whiskey utilizing very particular well-aged, bold Bourbons ranging from 4-14 years old.

57.9% ABV- 115.8 Proof

Scent and flavor

  • Nose Sweet spice and caramel, with a hint of butterscotch, with a long bouquet pleasant aroma.
  • Palate A pleasant rush of warm spice runs across the tongue along with a robust caramel & cream sensation filling all the taste buds; pleasantly melting into hints of passion fruit and spicy citrus.
  • Finish Long and pleasant as the caramel and cream lingers like an unexpected invitation.

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